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Warm autumn of 2002, we traveled together in Europe. The main purpose of the trip was to further explore the European heraldry, especially, its modern use in Germany and France (video on YOU TUBE).

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The local German newspaper, bought because of advertising the upcoming joust, actively discussed what should be a good and prestigious job how to find it. From all the discussion of the most memorable interview of Dr. Helmut Sauber psychology - the owner of recruitment agency, and for this reason.

Old personnel officer had extensive experience in recruitment. Careful study of these candidates for high office was engaged in personally. Among the positive characteristics required for applicants for the important work that he called and was the personal signature (autograph). The reason, he explained very simply: since then, as widely used typewriters and then computers, people have ceased to submit official documents written by hand. And the only characteristic of a graphic portrait of the person was an autograph

Exemplary procedure for selecting candidate for the prestigious position was this: if the job required a creative qualities, in addition to Mr. Sauber necessary skills drew attention to the artistry of the stroke, when volitional effort - the strength and confidence autograph. He called it a test of the depth of personality. That is, as far as appearances corresponded to the hidden characteristics of the person.

After the revelations of Helmut Sauber we first started thinking about the meaning of the element of human personality as a handwritten signature or an autograph. And six months later in Kiev at a family celebration conversation with a relative working in a bank, credit department. Unexpectedly for us, she said that in deciding whether a loan is not a role playing and autograph client. In any case, if nature did not produce a signature of credibility, the question of lending followed the refusal or delayed, even though the business plan and other guarantees.

After this turn of events we are interested in autographs is a professional point of view. Began to collect information specifically on the topic, and different patterns of signatures. It was the autographs of famous athletes, actors, astronauts, writers, politicians, bankers, etc. Was found and the scientific literature on this topic. It turned out that many of the services associated with the identification of the person, giving great importance to this issue. And, really, you can determine the nature of autograph and some hidden parameters of the individual.

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In conversations with our customers unexpectedly discovered that the problem of a successful autograph not so rare. It would seem to be easy - took the initial letter of the name, last name and said get the signature. If for only a functional purpose - to sign a wage graph, then fine. But as the ambitions and a business or creative activity there is a need and desire of some originality, aesthetics, and make sense! Own, without the lessons of calligraphy is not so easy to do, but try, and who to contact - do not know ...

Developed an algorithm for such an unusual creative process, and we did some early work. The experience was successful. One customer said, so the result: I had an understanding that we should somehow improve the autograph, but what can you achieve such a result - I did not expect. It's like walking into an old, crumpled tie - and sort of embarrassing, but not another. Now, in a fashionable and elegant feel confident as ever!

After initial success, it was decided to offer a special service - the development of writing, manuscript (personal signature)

Over the past few years, algorithm design autograph constantly refined and improved. Via e-mail began to work with customers correspondence. After that there were wishing to develop his signature and from other states. It turned out that such a service no one else offers. Of course, not easy to get used to some time in a strange way, to be reincarnated, to become another person and taking into account the motor's handwriting, and other customer specified parameters in advance, to make dozens of different versions of the autograph, and then bring the matter to a positive outcome.

The idea to come up with a special name, the new term - Onmyge for the distinctive features of the individual, including, and autographs, ripening slowly. And finally formed as a cup of coffee the day before Christmas, after a discussion in the information business club. It turned out that there are at least two situations where businessmen pay special attention to autograph: signing the contract and greeting cards. In those cases, and other texts already printed and the only evidence of identity is a signature. On which it depends attitude or mood of the recipient. And this is one of the few elements Onmyge, which is fully in the hands of its owner in the literal and figurative sense.

First coined a slogan that reflects the situation: Only My Image! And then, on this basis and a new term, On-my-ge, Onmyge and laconic character that it represents - exclamatory letter O! as superlative assessment seen or heard, etc.

onmige.gif (1698 bytes)    Later came the eponymous website.

A few years later something similar in meaning appear in the advertisement SONY "like.no.other". This means that the situation of "want the same as everyone" goes to "not want this like everyone else, and his original" and this is the future.

Today, at the age of supersaturated information search, evaluation and selection of future partners in life and business as never responsible. Not surprisingly, people tend to make the process more efficient. One way - use Onmyge and improvement of its components in order to give a few seconds to understand a potential partner who you do and what to expect from him.

We are not always happy with their own appearance or design factory bought the car. Correct defects in shape or face difficult and sometimes risky to health, to tuning your car, in accordance with its own character and flavor, though safe for use, but expensive and long, and to update the manuscript or other graphic elements Onmyge have little time and desire.

Think of a familiar situation for many. Woman changes name after marriage, and, therefore, forced to change his signature. Wedding worries and have enough, but there is one, and it is not clear how to solve it. If the previous signature was coined in years 16-18, and claim to it was the most unpretentious, but now want elegance and charm. One of our client, satisfied with the result of development, assessed the outcome this way: my new signature looks like a graceful brooch, which you can decorate any outfit. I get real pleasure when I put a new signature. This is a very practical chic!

Some fans of the epistolary genre stocking autographs for different occasions. This official signature to documents, and more elegant for congratulations, and special for correspondence and autographs on books and photographs. Thus, there is no fear that someone will take advantage of the signature received in the form of an autograph as a souvenir, for forgery. Since they are at least similar, but have either the principal or the hidden differences. When you have to put a lot of signatures and needs stability to write, you can make a facsimile (stamp). Then the signature will always be prepared perfectly, no matter what mood or feeling.

In addition to the autograph, which require constant use of the customer some initial training developed together with a designer signature characteristic of the external manifestations of the individual graphics can be a monogram, and personal or family coat of arms created by the designer on the basis of information about the genealogy of the customer. It is constantly growing interest of people in these three elements has led us to the idea of opening the site dedicated to just them - Autograph (personal signature), the monogram and the personal (or family), coat of arms.

The following are examples of the use of the monogram in the interior of the living room.

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Below is one example of the use of arms in the interior of the cabinet.

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These are examples of Onmyge - the characteristic inherent to a particular person, or manifestations of exceptional performance. Well, when a person has enough money to order expensive interior and fill it with things prestigious, but much more interesting when in the interior there is a highlight that can surprise visitors, being only from its owner and no one else. Then the situation is not pushing a mass of capital invested, but it has attracted considerable interest, and in the eyes of a stranger appears sincere desire to take a closer look.

Onmyge markedly increases the interest in the personality, which is its bearer. As a consequence of the increased interest - improving communication. This is akin to an interesting, original book cover - we want to open and see what it's about. If the cover is not interesting, then this book will open the latter.

Compared with the image Onmyge not assessed on the basis of its value in monetary terms, but because of the originality and organicity of any person. For example, a special look and original Salvador Dali mustache did not require much effort from him, and remembered no less than his work. Bowler, antennae, and Charlie Chaplin's cane alone cost is not expensive, but it helped to create a bright, original image.

While all this may come up, and himself, order the development of reliable designer. The cost of these original graphic elements Onmyge is more affordable than the price series Mercedes or BMW, and originality surpasses many times!

Natalia Kara and Maxim Karyy 2011


The first letter, please write to the theme, "My! Design" to address: tme@uct.ua



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